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  • Hi Christine! Ingrid Steele here. Trying to figure out how to continue with Pilates. Wondering if you could help me?

    • Hello Ingrid.. would you like to come in to a private session ? Wed oct 28 11:00 am is available- will be great to see you. I’m sure you will be able to fit into a group class after the initial private. Please text me at 704-995-3103

    • Hello Ingrid
      I would be happy for you to join a class.

      I suggest you do a private first so you will be prepared.
      I have Wednesday 11:00 open
      Also I have Thursday afternoon available.

      Look forward to working with you.. so glad to hear from you!

      • 11:00 on Wednesday works! How much before 11 should I arrive? Haven’t tried to exercise wearing a mask. Guess I should have thought about that before now?

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